Pot Pourri Botanicals, Pot Pourri Mixtures, Exotic Pot Pourri Gifts Packs, Potpourris, Perfumes, Fragrance Surender Lal Seth, the man with strong thirstiness to serve the growing market of home fragrance products, especially POT POURRI, had this perception that pot pourri can be more than just perfumed dried flower botanicals. This ideology gave birth to his new company Siccus Creations.

Since it's inception, Siccus Creations has grown to be one of the respected Manufacturer Wholesaler Exporter of Pot Pourri Botanicals, Pot Pourri 

Mixtures, Exotic Pot Pourri Gifts Packs. It's catering its customers in the  field of Dried Flowers and Pot Pourri since 1998. Siccus Creations resides in the beautiful city of Calcutta, situated right on the eastern boundary of India.

Siccus Creations workforce consists of a very strong number of employees of which most of them are women practically from very weak section of the society. In a small way, it is constantly contributing its due towards this society by offering proper livelihood and skill to those women.

Siccus Creations endearing in creating pot pourri that is both a décor and an object of fragrance. In its R & D (Research and Development) department, designers work round the clock to create gift packs that are very impulsive and to add a touch of gracefulness its dye experts work on to create some very exclusive color shades pot pourri. Siccus Creations pot pourri comes both in bulk and exotic gift packaging that can be used as home decoration and air freshening pieces. Some of its gift packs are designed as such that they can be used instantly in the form they come in and also when the aroma vanish away, the package can be reused in various ways. Customers can easily find Siccus Creations pot pourri scents accustoming as its fragrances are carefully chosen to generally resemble perfumes and colognes.

Siccus Creations has a very clear vision. It believes that India is a vast, unexplored resource of flora, which is of great appreciation and decorative value globally. Company CEOs are devoted to the search of this great beauty in the natural resource of this country, in order to make it a feasible business proposition. In this respect, it seek to add to its expertise by constantly upgrading skills and knowledge temper with quality management at each stage of the process, which will result in coming

Pot Pourri Botanicals, Pot Pourri Mixtures, Exotic Pot Pourri Gifts Packs, Potpourris, Perfumes, Fragrance  up with better international quality products from time to time.

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